The idea for DHISRUPT was conceived in response to the deluge of misinformation on social media during the 2016 US Presidential election and continuing today. As an historian, I’m both enthusiastic and conflicted at what I see. On the one hand, easily accessible information and material is vital to public history. Yet on the other, the propensity of misinformation and misdirection promoted as “fact” and packaged as “truth” is really disturbing. DHISRUPT aims to challenge these inconsistencies by offering pertinent and constructive information bolstered by historical evidence.

DHISRUPT also aims to disturb perceptions and unsettle preconceived notions of History. While political inaccuracies must be confronted, historical inaccuracies must also be challenged. Those who believe that the transgendered are a modern construct forced upon society by the politically correct may be surprised to learn that there was a known and accepted transgender U.S. Civil War soldier. Those who state that America was founded by those who sought religious freedom for all may be surprised to learn that early settlers persecuted those who did not follow their unique brand of religion. Those who believe women are not capable of armed combat will be stunned to learn of female warriors who fought thousands of years before the birth of Christ. Controversial and contentious issues have been discussed, disputed, practiced, and implemented throughout history. In illustrating these narratives in simple yet thought-provoking, interactive ways, and offering resources for further exploration, my hope is to engage those who have been indifferent to history.

Recommendations for books and films are offered with every post. I hope you’ll be inspired to expand your knowledge on these subjects and join in a discussion.  We link to books at Better World Books, where you will find gently used and new books. And shopping at Better World Books feels good because they donate a book to those in need for every book purchased! At users’ request, we also link to books at Amazon.

We also create custom t-shirts that reflect our vision and ideals.

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Koren Whipp
Koren Whipp is the founder of DHISRUPT 

Koren Whipp is the founder of DHISRUPT and an Independent Scholar whose work focuses on Women’s Intellectual History, Political History, and Public History.

Koren received her BA from New School University In NYC where she received the first, annual award for Outstanding Senior Thesis for her work on the political voice of Early American writer, Mercy Otis Warren, and received her MA in Historical Studies at The New School for Social Research. She is the former Deputy Director and Website Producer of Project Continua, a multimedia resource dedicated to the creation and preservation of women’s intellectual history. She also formerly served as project manager, web producer and administrator, and editorial manager of the Female Biography Project. Koren’s professional experience includes co-founding Black Tank Design, a website design company, and Mod Camper, an outdoor goods company.