A Velvet Fist in an Iron Glove: The Curious Case of Albert Cashier


This well-researched historical/fiction novel follows the true life story of one of the most remarkable soldiers to come out of the American Civil War, Albert Cashier, who answered his nation’s call in time of war and enlisted in the United States Army. Enduring the rigors of basic training, Albert soon found himself mustered into the 95th Illinois Volunteer Infantry attached to General Ulysses S. Grant’s Army of the Tennessee and into the midst of the Siege of Vicksburg. Albert would go on to participate in the Red River Campaign, the Fall of Atlanta, the Battle of Franklin, the siege of Nashville, and the siege of Mobile for a total of forty battles and skirmishes and cheat fate by never being seriously wounded. After the Civil War, Albert drifted from place to place doing odds jobs, working as a farm laborer, and living a secluded life. In 1911 while working odd jobs for a State Senator, Albert’s leg was accidently broken when he was run over by an automobile. Upon examination by a doctor, it was discovered that Albert Cashier, the veteran of over forty battles and scrimmages of the Civil War, was, in actuality, a woman.


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